The SJ Kids Foundation was established in the summer of 2011 as the fundraising arm of the St. Joseph Children's Home. The first goal of the Foundation is to finish raising the resources needed to build four residential cottages on St. Joseph's campus to provide a more home like environment for all the children who find their way to the home.

The SJ Kids Foundation Board offers an opportunity for donors and volunteers to become involved in high level fund raising activity.  Ja Hillebrand, President of Stock Yards Bank and Trust, and a member of the St. Joseph Children's Home operating board agreed to chair the Foundation Board and lead our efforts to provide for the children we serve.

Establishing the SJ Kids Foundation as a separate entity with its own independent 501c3 tax status gives St. Joseph's Children's Home the mechanism to engage community leaders in the pursuit of corporate and foundation grants, and charitable gifts from individuals.


The SJKids Foundation Board:

Ja Hillebrand - President
Cheryl Fischer
Mike Hagan
Kelly Henry
Chuck Nopper
Pete Rutledge
John Schutte
Thurman Senn

For additional information about the SJKids Foundation or the New Beginnings campaign:


phone: 502-893-0241


For additional information about St. Joseph Children's Home, visit our website:



What is the purpose of the campaign?

More than 150 years ago, St. Joseph Children’s Home was founded to provide a home for orphaned children.  The Landmark building on Frankfort Avenue was constructed in 1885 to fulfill that urgent need.  Today, St. Joseph’s is still a home for children, but it serves victims of neglect, and physical, mental and sexual abuse.  The old facility is simply outdated and unable to provide a small-group home setting that research shows is most effective in treating children like those now at St. Joseph’s.

The first phase of the campaign will raise more than $5 million to construct four residential cottages in a neighborhood-like environment that would accommodate 48 children plus staff. 

Why expand on the current site?

The existing campus and Landmark 1885 building ARE St. Joseph’s.  While other suburban sites were considered during the planning process, the Board of Directors is strongly committed to remaining at the current location.  More than enough land is available on campus for the anticipated expansion.

Doesn’t the annual picnic generate enough funding? 

The annual St. Joseph’s picnic is a Louisville institution and raises much-needed operating funds.  But, just as the mission of St. Joseph’s has changed over the decades, the financial and physical plant needs of the organization have greatly increased.

St. Joseph’s has become a residential treatment center offering intensive clinical services for mistreated and vulnerable kids.  This capital campaign, the first comprehensive capital campaign in St. Joseph’s history, is essential to the future of our current mission. 

The overall goal of phase I is more that $5 million.  How can my gift make a difference?

No gift is too small.  Please know that every gift counts, both in the amount of dollars and in the number of donors to the campaign.  Charitable foundations, those that make substantial gifts in our community, want to see that St. Joseph’s has widespread support from other donors at all levels of giving.  In addition, several large “matching contributions” have been made to the campaign that are contingent upon St. Joseph’s reaching certain fundraising targets through contributions of other donors.

The most effective way for you to help St. Joseph’s reach its campaign goals is to maximize your gift.  Donors can make a pledge payable in installments over five years, or choose many other options that we would be happy to discuss with you.